Happy Landowners

We are very glad we chose ldl as the developer of the project on our land. Working with them has been a pleasant experience as they handed matters very smoothly

Md. Abul Khayer Mamun & Abul Khayer Masum

Land Owner of LANCO UNIQUE TOWER , Khilkhet Hajipara Road, Dhaka

When building a home ,selecting the right developer company was a very important decision .we were looking for a reliable company who could understand our requirements and give us a safe haven, ldl was definitely the right choice.

MD.Masud Karim Gong.

Land Owner of LANCO SAFFRON GARDEN , North Dhanmondi,Kalabagan ,Dhaka

Joint Venture with ldl

At ldl, we treat landowners like business partners. We have a specialized customer service team that also tends to our landowners. We understand how difficult it is if you have to break your present home and make a new one or when you have to part with your asset and are unsure of the results.

The joint venture process includes mundane procedures like signing the Deed of Agreement and giving the Power of Attorney, soil tests, sharing and approval of plans, mutation of documents and more. These bureaucratic procedures can be very tedious but at ldl our endeavor is to make these processes as smooth and stress free as possible for you. Our expert business development and logistics teams are there to get things done smoothly. This is regular routine work for us, though for a landowner, it may seem like a mountain of hassle!


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