MD Message

A distinguished businessperson and perceptive entrepreneur, M.HASSAN, the founder promoter of LANCO GROUP, opts to do business by providing world-class products and services in our country. With his visionary leadership and keen business knowledge, LANCO drives forward to not only provide superior quality products, but to demonstrate unparalleled foresight by developing projects which are the epitome of modern architecture and comfortable living.  Over the past three years he has established LANCO as one of the leading corporate houses in Bangladesh.  

Managing Director 


Chairman Message

Hello and a warm welcome to the fascinating world of LANCO!

Life is an incredible journey full of challenges, excitement, hardships, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination and it is our core objective to deliver the best of the value proposition to our customers within our scope of operation and to be recognized as the undisputed market leader in the real estate sector of Bangladesh.

Luxury is all about elegance and sophistication. If you are successful, you need to have an opulent lifestyle and live to the fullest, therefore, each of our projects are a fine­ blend of quality, aesthetics and extra ordinariness, whilst our architectural and interior designs, aesthetic elements, amenities and features reflect a world-class lifestyle.

The global perspectives for the real estate industry has been rapidly changing. Bangladesh itself, has registered one of the highest GDP growth in Asia Pacific and stands as a strong, unstoppable nation in the world. We too, possess that same ­fierce passion to create excellent ­financial opportunities for our stakeholders.



Director Message

The blueprint of the Real Estate industry has changed dramatically over the past few years, both locally and globally. LANCO  has continued to adapt to these changes by diversifying its operations and innovation in the range of product portfolio and services. Commitment to quality, time schedules and deliverables is a manifest in Lanco developments Ltd and all these are the prime constituent of an operational excellence a LDL project stands for.

We are proud of our in house expertise and capability in real estate developments, construction projects, design consultancy and sales and marketing drives which inculcate a high-performance culture thereby creating an enduring value for the clients. Having made our impression in Bangladesh real estate industry, we seek infinite possibilities and opportunities in forcing even a stronger relationship with our customers and strategic partners worldwide that would make LANCO the partner of choice.







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